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You may be reading this because you need to talk to someone and feel understood. You might need someone to listen to you, without interruption or judgement, in confidence and safety. Perhaps you are concerned about difficult thoughts and feelings, ones you may be experiencing now (or may have experienced in the past that have now returned). ​You may not even know what you feel exactly or why you feel it at certain times in your life. The psychotherapy and counselling I offer can help you.


I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist which means I am interested in the unconscious or unknown processes at work in you, that have perhaps shaped your life, your relationships, ways of thinking about yourself, and ways of being. We think we have chosen our way in life freely but often we repeat our mistakes or re-live traumatic and painful relationships without even knowing it – until we feel so bad we have trouble carrying on.


Psychotherapy is a process of coming to understand your problems and emotions so that you can feel free and in time gain some insight into yourself and how you relate to others. The experience of being in therapy involves you and I exploring your emotions and what motivates them. Psychotherapy starts with the dialogue between you and the therapist – that’s why finding the right therapist for you is so important.


The story of you that you bring to therapy explores your past relationships and experiences, makes links to your present life and then in time creates a new potential for your future. It can bring you validation and hope despite the struggles. Therapy is an investment in your future well-being. In my experience understanding brings clarity and freedom from pain and misery; things can shift for you and change can happen.

"We are only as needy as our unmet needs”

John Bowlby

British Psychoanalytic Council
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