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I will welcome you and listen to you with whatever you bring to me. I treat the issue or difficulty that you bring with care and consideration of sexual orientation, gender identity, culture, religion, past history or lifestyle choice.

Your first appointment with me is an initial consultation when I would be interested in learning more about you, your past experiences and present difficulties as well as things that are of concern to you about your life and relationships. There is no commitment to work together after that first appointment.

My fee for the initial 90 minute consultation is £140 for individuals and £175 for couples. 





I would then offer you a regular, weekly (or twice weekly) session of 50 minutes, at the same time every week. Psychotherapy can be a short-term, long-term or open-ended process and if you choose therapy with me, we can decide together how the process might best work for you. 


My fee for the weekly sessions is £80-£95 for individuals and £140 for couples. 

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