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As a therapist who works with couples I believe that our individual lives, our history and our past experiences can shape how we are when we are as a couple. In addition, an unconscious or unknown aspect of ourselves is brought into our relationships which can cause problems. Often we cannot see what we are doing to our partners - how we are harming them or ourselves and how we aren’t meeting their or our own needs. Life can put undue strain on what couples can manage - you may need help with this. 


Difficult personal experiences outside the relationship like change, loss, illness, infidelity, children are just some factors that can disturb a relationship. Sometimes feelings can seem as if they come from nowhere or old ways of thinking and acting can recur. The couple relationship may feel strained and emotions may be running high. 









I work with whatever difficulty you as a couple are facing; your sex life, your conflicts, your secrets or your disappointments. Talking, sharing and thinking in therapy with me about you as a couple (and as individuals in the couple) has the potential to open up different ways of feeling and then different ways of living. Talking in the short and long term can help.


Following a consultation a decision can be made about how to treat or help you. This process is reviewed as the work proceeds. I treat the issue or difficulty that you, the couple, bring with care and consideration of sexual orientation, gender identity, culture, religion, past experiences or lifestyle choice. 

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