So what exactly can I help you with? Here are some examples.


  • Feeling low, sad or depressed

  • Feeling so anxious, worried or upset that you can’t concentrate, sleep or eat

  • Suicidal thoughts or attempting suicide

  • Feeling extremely jealous or possessive

  • Difficulties coping with a new baby or children

  • Feelings about your self-image or body

  • Problems with how you use or think about food or alcohol

  • Anxieties and stress in social situations- feeling left out or isolated

  • Experiences of racial and sexual prejudice, bullying and abuse

  • Difficulties understanding your sexuality and/or gender

  • Feelings of unmanageable anger or irritation

  • Difficulties forming or sustaining intimate personal relationships

  • Feeling disconnected or disassociated from your own feelings

  • Troubling feelings about your sex life and/or use of pornography

  • Repetitive, disturbing thoughts that intrude into interactions with people or relationships

  • Lacking in confidence or feeling not good enough

  • A bereavement or separation or other type of loss

  • Difficult feelings about fertility and/or pregnancy

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”

Maya Angelou