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Therapy with me can help you with many things, here are some specific problems you may be experiencing:


  • Depression; low mood; feeling sad or lacking in confidence

  • Anxiety; worrying constantly; being agitated or restless

  • Behaviours and thoughts that you hide from others, trouble you or interfere with living your life

  • Suicidal thoughts; suicide attempts; harming or hurting yourself

  • Feelings of irritation; anger; jealousy or hatred

  • A loss or separation; death or bereavement 

  • Difficulties coping with a new baby or children

  • Difficult thoughts or feelings during menstruation

  • Difficult thoughts or feelings trying to get pregnant or during pregnancy

  • Difficult thoughts or feelings during menopause & peri-menopause 

  • Problems in your same-sex or non-binary relationship

  • Experiences of prejudice, exploitation or abuse as a result of your skin colour, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or cultural background

  • Feeling disconnected or disassociated from your own feelings

  • Problems in your relationships with a partner, spouse, family members, friends or colleagues 

  • Difficulties forming or sustaining intimate personal relationships

  • Problems with how you use or think about food, alcohol or drugs

  • Anxieties and stress in social situations

  • Struggles with how you feel about your body

  • Problems in your sex life or with sex

  • Age related issues

  • Experience of illness, injury, disability or debilitating physical conditions

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”

Maya Angelou

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